Frequently Asked Questions

So, how does Nest work?

Nest has twenty-one residents living across four apartments. Each apartment has five to six bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a fully outfitted kitchen. Although you will live closely with four to five roommates, you will have a master key that enables you to go into any other apartment at any time. This is super important because it gives you access to all of Nest and let’s you easily connect with the other residents.

What is it like to live in Nest?

Nest is like a family. When you live here, you become part of a passion-driven community of likeminded people. You can look forward to great conversation over wine, outings, movie nights, fireside chats with external speakers, parties, and most importantly deep bonds with amazing people.

What is expected of a Nest resident?

Nest is not a place where you come and go without speaking to anyone. The community aspect of living, learning, helping, and working together is what makes Nest such an incredible place. For this reason, we expect you to actively contribute to Nest socially, intellectually and creatively. For example, you likely have a skill, life experience, or connection in your network that other Nesters could benefit from. Share it!

What are the Nest events?

We have a few reoccurring events in Nest. Every other Sunday all twenty-one of us eat dinner together and each apartment comes up with gatherings whenever they want. Since everyone tends to be really busy, breaking bread at common dinner is a great way to kick back and catch up. On resident’s birthdays, all of Nest also gathers to wake them up with a song and special breakfast as a little celebration.

How old/young do i have to be to live in Nest?

As a rule of thumb, we’ll take in people that are between 22 and 36. However, if you are extremely awesome and unbelievably hungry to move in – forget this rule and make a world class application that we can’t ignore!

Where is Nest located?

At Reventlowsgade 10, 1651 Copenhagen V. Right next to Copenhagen’s Main Central Station, Tivoli, the Copenhagen lakes and the Meatpacking District – SMACK downtown!

Can my partner move into my room with me?

No, they can’t. You can of course have people over and people staying for a few nights in your room, but you are not allowed to “live” two people in one room (there is only one CPR per room).

Will I have to do the dishes?

Every kitchen in Nest has a dishwasher. Yay! Modern technology!

Do we have access to washing machines?

Yep. There is a launderette with washing machines in the basement.

Let’s say I’m a really tidy person. Will I end up cleaning after everyone?

No, not at all. We’ve hired cleaning personnel to clean the open areas. This service is included in the rent. We also have cleaning rules in the General House Rules you get when you move in. We think it’s a must to respect the common space and if you don’t follow the rules you will be warned and if you ignore the warnings, you will get thrown out.

Will it be a closed house only for the people living there?

Yes and no. Nest is first and foremost a home, but also a place friends can visit and hang out, and a great location for hosting events and talks. By opening Nest events up, we get a healthy flow of great people in the building, adding to everyone’s network and increasing general inspiration.

How much will all this cost?

The rent depends on the size of your room. We have calculated the square meter price for all of Nest and divided that by how many square meters you have access to. The rent is between 5.500 and 8.000 kr. a month including rent, internet, water, electricity, cleaning, etc. There is also 3 months rent and 3 months deposit to be paid upfront. This is insurance for the community and means that when you are ready to fly the Nest, you don’t pay the last three months rent.

Is anyone making money off of Nest?

Absolutely not. There is no “economic” upside to us by getting this off the ground. We just want to live in a community with really cool people. We run Nest as a non-profit organization where we all take part in regular tasks like organizing events, managing our SoMe or on boarding new Nesters.

Can i be kicked out of Nest?

Yes. It takes a lot to reach this point and we hope it never has to happen, but sometimes the fit isn’t right.