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Rasmus Bo Damgaard

I’m recognized by my yes hat. Always wearing it. It helps me make smarter decisions with a can do-mentality. Or at least it helps me keep smiling through my huge amount of mistakes. I’m the founder of GetBartender.com, GetTheEvent.com, GetCocktails.com and Isterninger.NU. I’m rocking the event industry. How to pitch all my concepts in one sentence that rhymes? – If you invite the guests, I’ll do the rest. Boom. My passion is to connect people and make them smile. Cocktails, events and ice cubes are my weapons at the moment. I want people to realize that they are not that different after all. What else? Well I’m highly addicted to coffee, oats and peanut butter. I’m still trying to mix the perfect cocktail with those three ingredients. It’s not easy though. My cocktails are by the way called Rocktails cause they are served with Rock N’ Roll. Boom (“Another one” said with DJ Khaled voice). The end. Feel free to reach out! I’m always up for a chat!

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