Picture of Miko Kinnunen

Miko Kinnunen

Miko’s entrepreneurial experience comes from founding and operating a waffle-cafe in his home city. During this half-year experience, he bought a food-truck, fought through all the necessary bureaucracy and started selling Belgian-style waffles with a Finnish twist. The waffles created a huge Instagram hype in the city and his waffle stand quickly made it to top 10 in all the restaurants of the city of Vaasa, Finland. At the end Miko made a successful exit by selling the waffle stand but he still owns the industrial-grade waffle irons that he occasionally uses to cook delicious waffles for other Nesters.

In addition to selling waffles, Miko has worked as a service engineer, derivatives trader and business developer. Currently he is working as a management consultant in a boutique consulting firm in Copenhagen. Miko holds a BSc. (Tech) from Tampere University of Technology and MSc. (Tech) from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He has also done a semester in National University of Singapore and wrote his MSc. thesis at the University of Cambridge.

In addition to hanging out with other Nesters, on his free time Miko enjoys doing a variety of sports (e.g. swimming, bouldering, roller skiing) and reading books. In the future Miko hopes to keep meeting new people, learning new skills and making an impact in the society.

A quote from a fellow Nester after a few months of living in Nest: “Miko, every time I see you you’re either cooking, eating or have just eaten.”

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