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Mark Dencker

Mark dreams himself back to the good old days as a 13 year-old in the basement translating books about HTML from English to Danish. He eventually grew so frustrated with web programming that he ultimately quit at the age of 16. While being on the more stable path within academia, pursuing one of his two Master degrees in Barcelona, faith would have it that he met his French co-founder. Today he spends his time helping internet entrepreneurs structure, build and scale their ventures through Wiredelta, but continues teaching economics at Copenhagen University on the side. When he’s not wired in, you will find him teaching Asthanga yoga to whoever cares participating and hang around the kitchen looking for a good bottle of wine!

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Nest changes everything

Nest changes everything

November 20, 2016

Three years ago an aspired entrepreneur moved back from India to Copenhagen to take his business back home, reboot personal relations and reconnect with a growing entrepreneurial scene in Copenhagen. Nest started not long after, and boy did that accelerate this aspired entrepreneur’s network,... Read More