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Helena Levison

Helena have always been occupied with the concept of services and even though it was a steep climb she found her calling in User Experience Design. Besides that she choose to go a different path for her internship from Kolding Design School, where she has both a BA & a MA Degree in Communication Design, and went to Founders House in Copenhagen. Founders House is a co-working space for scalable tech startups and she wanted to get a foot into the entrepreneurial world after a crazy Startup Weekend in Vancouver.

Here she got to meet all sorts of startups and the passion and drive from entrepreneurs pursued her to keep moving in that direction. She postponed her MA to get back to Vancouver, Canada for a year where she worked in 3 different startups. The UX team of one is hard work and she’ll probably never work in Fin-Tech startup again, but her worldview expanded and she came back to Copenhagen with an ambition to turn her MA into a startup. While she worked on her social impact startup Foster Success, she moved into Nest and became the Danish chapter founder of Ladies that UX – Copenhagen, an international woman group for UX designers.

With great people she realized that the UX path was more for her, and she’s now working on setting up CPHUX a community for professional UX designers with the vision to create transparency about what UX is and how it can be used. She’s for sure the person to go to, if you have any UX questions!

She’s a powerful woman always to be found with a smile on her lips and ready for a hug ❤

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