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Daniel Jensen

At the center of Daniel you find his love for startups, daring entrepreneurship and mind-full business consulting of those who strive to change the status quo, one solution at a time. Despite his Viking exterior he is as much a warmhearted people person interested in the well being of others, as he is a determined doer who keeps himself to the highest standards. Daniel started his first business at age 17, which enabled him to gain experience while in periods living abroad in Melbourne, San Diego, Hawaii and Barcelona.

He currently works at LEO Innovation Lab, where he is building companies that help people living with chronic skin diseases.

Daniel does possess an unrestrained (dark) appetite for watersports, great food and having a good time as it keeps his mind sharp. He travels while embracing spontaneity and the adrenaline kicks that accompany the extreme sports he engages himself in. He enjoys playing the guitar and practicing memory optimization (okay, last-mentioned maybe not so much).

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