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Anna Chan

After spending a good part of her career in banking, Anna decided to leave everything behind and move to Copenhagen to further pursue her entrepreneurial dream. Anna had her first taste of entrepreneurship when she ran a hair salon business at the age of 18, followed by her starting a frozen yogurt franchise and later co-founding a personal product endorsement platform for social shopping. Anna is a bit of a globetrotter; she has lived in Hong Kong, Beijing, Auckland, and is now adding Copenhagen to the list. Don’t be surprised if you catch her day-dreaming, singing Glee songs or watching funny sheep video clips on YouTube (yes, it is not her fault that she grew up in New Zealand).

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Why an ex-banker turned into a startup enthusiast

Why an ex-banker turned into a startup enthusiast

December 22, 2015

My background Having studied Accounting and Finance at university, I naturally ended up working in finance. At the beginning, it was a thrilling few years: The super financial model I built, that would take 10 minutes to open (if I was lucky) The long hours and all-nighters The crazy... Read More