Picture of Morten Stahl Pedersen

Morten Stahl Pedersen

Entrepreneur since 2009 with something as old school as a wine shop. Now in 2014, there are four of them. All named SMAGF├śRST.

Morten has always known he was going to be an entrepreneur, but that he started with wineshops was more or less a coincidence – a pleasant one though, as it allows Morten to combine his hobby with work.

Selling wine is a highly competitive business, which has made Morten to focus on selling an experience and not only a bottle of wine. Having way too many different ideas for just one company, he started Tastersbox.com in 2014 – a concept that brings new wine experiences right to your doorstep every month.

When not working, Morten will be eating out, travelling or hanging out with friends – all accompanied by beer rather than wine, as wine tends to taste like work.

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