Hi everyone and welcome to the Nest blog!

We are super excited about this initiative. Nest is a pretty unique place. We have 21 residents with very diverse backgrounds living together in one place. Our youngest resident is 22 and our oldest is 38. On average, a Nester has been an entrepreneur for 7 years before moving in and when we add up all of our experiences, we’ve been involved with 167 companies and founded 72 startups. That’s a lot of companies for 31 entrepreneurs.

The point of these numbers is to demonstrate the scope of Nesters’ entrepreneurial and life experience. Casual conversations around the dinner table and passing bys in the evenings provide incredible opportunities to absorb a bevy of insightful entrepreneurial knowledge, life hacks, and tips. Recognizing this, we wanted to create a platform where Nesters can share their learnings and best principles with the greater community. We hope to use this platform as a way to share stories (good and bad), advice, skills, and whatever else might be on our minds. We also hope that it will give you a greater window into life at the world’s largest co-living space for entrepreneurs.

Feel free to click around and check back for more information! This is just the beginning :)

Analisa Winther

PR & Communication Office