Nest Experience

The Nest Experience allows you to have a short term stay in Nest!

Since we opened the doors, we’ve had a steady stream of awesome people visiting and crashing on our couches. We love opening our doors to people from all around the world and the relationships that grow from the experience! Hence why we decided to create an opportunity for people to experience Nest for a few weeks to a few months!

What does the experience include?

Live together with 20 amazing entrepreneurs in downtown Copenhagen
Part of the experience is moving into a shared apartment with 3-5 other residents. We will welcome you as one of our own, which means you will be included in all social activities from fireside chats with big names in the entrepreneurial community to common dinners, workshops, wine nights, parties, morning swims and the like!

Join the Nest Copenhagen Alumni
We’ve had a lot of awesome people live in Nest. Typically, a resident has 7 years of entrepreneurial experience and 500+ LinkedIn connections (we actually looked into this). This is important because it means that the Nest community reaches far and wide. We’ve seen it happen many times that someone asks current residents or alumni for help, an introduction, tips, or advice and solves a problem much faster thanks to our kick ass network of talented, ambitious and well-connected people. It also helps that we have founders, coders, designers, and creatives living in Nest so even the expertise in-house is extensive.

You get a Booster Dinner!
A Booster Dinner is all about leveraging the knowledge in Nest to solve a current problem you are facing, get honest feedback, or brainstorm new ideas. Over a good meal, we will gather a group of residents who we think can give you a lot of value to tackle whatever you propose. Examples have included large strategic decisions to raising capital, how to fire the right way, and marketing hacks – just to name a few. Generally, it’s very likely someone has been in the same situation as you or has the insights to accelerate you in the right direction (PS: The record for longest Booster Dinner so far is six hours of feedback and problem solving. That’s dedication.)

How is it possible?

Entrepreneurs are busy people, which means we often have rooms opening up for a few months at a time as our permanent residents jet off on workcations with their startups teams or move to other countries to expand their businesses. This gives us an awesome opportunity to let in other entrepreneurs who would love to live in Nest and can seriously benefit from the community. It allows us to expand our network and you to get a serious boost of knowledge, skills, and most importantly, friends!

How do I know I’m the right fit?

Everyone who lives in Nest is an entrepreneur in some way shape or form. Typically, we’ve seen people apply for the Nest Experience if:

  • They are new to Copenhagen and want to kickstart their entrepreneurial life here
  • Work in a startup and have been sent to Copenhagen to do business development/expansion
  • Love the idea of Nest and really want to try entrepreneurial co-living/tap into the resources we have

How do I apply?

To become a Nest Experience resident, all you have to do is fill out the application form below. You can be a Nest Experience resident for minimum 1 month, and maximum 6 months.

We will then reach out to you and determine if there’s a good match.

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